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  While many talk about it, few really know what medical transcription entails. And we are proud to say that we are expert in the Language of Medicine.

Transnet Technologies is the most professional medical transcription service. It is one of the few transcription businesses run by an MD. Transnet Technologies has been providing the medical community with reliable, accurate, and economical transcription services for more than ten years now. We have both in-house and home-based setups of local medical transcribers.


  "To provide accurate and top-quality Medical Transcription Services to individual doctors, institutions, hospitals, and practices at a competitive price, and deliver in an expedient, professional, and user friendly manner, using latest Information Technology".  
Privacy and confidentiality of Data  
  Privacy and confidentiality of the documents is the foremost priority of our company. We maintain security and confidentiality of the data at every level keeping in mind the standards of JCAHO, beginning from downloading voice file, and ending to uploading transcribed files. All our employees have to sign a contract for confidentiality of documents. We are using windows NT servers and NTFS file system, which meets C2 security level.  




  Turnaround time is 24 hours. Shorter turnaround time is available on Priorities. At our end, we have natural advantage of time. If you are sending your dictation by your evening, we would receive that dictation by our morning, and can generally make your transcription available to you by your next morning. Dictation available in our office before 12 noon of our business day is transcribed and returned on your following business day morning. Dictation available to us after (our time) 12 noon is transcribed for delivery the afternoon of the following business day.  



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